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Where will they start?
Where will they start?  Garden bed measurements, indoor garden creations for prototype testing, sign and stake creations in art class for planning.....  Two of our parents, Emily Jacobi and Jackie Sprague were awarded $2000 dollars to begin a garden project at Drummond Elementary.  They worked with an automatic watering system, created raised garden beds, and worked with each grade level in the garden to learn about the joys of gardening.  

This year, Mrs. Jacobi continues to join us as we stemitize the garden.  The computer program www.growveg.com will help students research plants for when to sow, plant, and harvest.  What do plants need?  Do they need  sun, or shade? What watering schedules will they need?  How will students determine what plants will grow best where?  

Students will also need to determine how many plants to plant in a plant bed based on the plants recommendations.  This PBL (Project Based Learning) assignment includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.  It also includes team work.  Five 5th-grade classes are going to work together to get the Drummond Garden going, however all grade levels will have a part in utilizing the garden in each of their STEM challenges throughout the school
year.  Stay tuned;  we are currently installing a live camera so students can view their garden from home.  Hopefully, they will be able to see their garden change over time and watch all of the different animals enjoy the garden, as we do. Of course, this may lead to additional problems to solve.  
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5th Grade students used a RASPBERRY PI  to create a WATER REGULATOR prototype to manage the watering system of the Drummond Elementary garden, based on data collected from sensors, which will be connected to 3 output pins connected to a coded raspberry pi project.

Prototypes will be created and tested in the spring.  PSD Highschool TSA (Technology Student Association) members will assist the 5th grade students and teachers with this ongoing project.  Students are learning from their prototypes and garden project at the learning center:  garden@psdr3.org.  Stay tuned.  BLOG:  [Link]Drummondgarden.wordpress.org

Click below to see our Project Based Learning experiment (PBL):  

Drummond Dragon's CAVE and the Raspberry Pi Code Project

5th Grade students, in Ms. Krispin's and Mrs. Robert's class, are finalizing the plan for the automated watering system for the Drummond Garden, most recently named by the students and staff as the "DRUMMOND DRAGON'S CAVE".    In order to learn how the garden relay will work, students worked with Dr. Ramey and Mr. Berglund on a simulated raspberry pi project using relay switches that turn lights off and on in patterns, based on code input from a student friendly coding program called "SCRATCH".  

To see the project code the students worked on, click here: Drummond Garden Scratch Project

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MAY 2016:  Ms. Dickinson's 5th Grade Class turned "Drummond Dragon's Garden" from a STEM garden to a STEAM Garden.

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