Robert Drummond Elementary
Proficiency Based Learning
Learning Levels
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Robert Drummond Elementary is entering its second year of a Proficiency Based Learning (PBL)/Learning Levels (LL) pilot program approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the Pattonville School District.  The Robert Drummond Elementary School Improvement Team researched PBL/LL for the past eight years.  The research was conducted out of a necessity to meet the ever-changing academic needs of our student population.

The basic concept of PBL/LL is quite simple with an overall goal of providing instruction to students based on their individual learning needs.  In this process, multiple assessments are conducted and students are monitored for progress regularly.  Every student must meet specific criteria and achieve certain benchmarks prior to moving on to the next skill set.  These practices are at the heart of the PBL/LL concept and emphasize achievement for all.

Through the PBL/LL process, students may experience working with numerous staff members as well as changing homeroom teachers.  Grade level teachers, specialists, and administrators monitor the PBL/LL process and meet regularly to discuss student needs.  This process allows for student acceleration, remediation, and/or normal progress as outlined by both state and district standards.

This is an exciting time at Robert Drummond Elementary for students to learn at their own pace so that they may reach academic mastery.